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Pond Plants with Fall and Winter Interest

Pond Plants with Fall and Winter Interest 0

Pond Plants 🕔August 19, 2020

Pond Plants with Fall and Winter Interest – those plants that bloom or display color during the fall months and those that maintain foliage during winter (zone and weather dependent). Fall Color & Bloomers – plants that have colored foliage,

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Create Pond Plant Combos

Create Pond Plant Combos 0

Pond Maintenance & Care , Pond Plants 🕔August 19, 2020

Pond plants add beauty, shade and fish cover for your pond. Jazz up your pond shelves & marginal areas with fun to make custom created plant combos for pond margins or “shelves”. What you need are plants that like water

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Pond Plants Blooming Guide

Pond Plants Blooming Guide 0

Pond Plants 🕔August 19, 2020

Did you know that most pond plants bloom? They come in many shapes, textures and colors for any size pond or water feature. The following is a seasonal “bloom guide” to when pond and bog plants tend to begin flowering.

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