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Pondering March Madness

Pondering March Madness

Pond Maintenance & Care 🕔March 4, 2021

Pondering March Madness – What to Do for Your Pond in March in the PNW.

Spring fever may have bitten you arousing excitement for this year’s pond season, but your pond may not be as ready as you are. As the water gradual warms, fish may be a little more active but not active enough to begin feeding. Some plants begin to grow with some of the earliest plants yet to bloom are Marsh Marigold and Calla Lily which should be starting with in the next few weeks.

There are a few things we can do now until Spring Start Up next month in April:

  • Gently remove any algae or debris (sticks, leaves, etc.) in streams and waterfalls. Add “Cleanmax” or “OxyPond Cleaner” to help control algae and debris.
  • Add Pond Clarifier or Sludge Reducer  aka “Cold Water Bacteria” to help keep water clear, healthy and helps reduce sludge build up.
  • Clean out Filter Media & Net/Basket in Skimmers. Make sure your pump and aerators working properly.
  • Check Your Pond for Leaks or Low Spots. Fill Water level if needed.
  • Check Your Pond Netting, make Sure it is secure and monitor for predators.
  • Cut Back Dead Foliage Off of Plants if needed.
  • Monitor Fish Behavior, Quantity. Does everyone look OK? Did they all survive winter? Some maybe hiding. Next month you should know who is still alive and thriving in your pond.   

Stop into the store for your water treatments, pond supplies and equipment. We can help you with maintenance, design and DIY construction to build the pond of your dreams.

Current Hours- Open Monday-Friday 8-4 Saturday 10-4. They will change to M-F 8-5, Sat 10-4 in the next month. You can also email questions to: Ke*****@Na***********.net