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Create Pond Plant Combos

Create Pond Plant Combos 0

Pond Maintenance & Care , Pond Plants 🕔August 19, 2020

Pond plants add beauty, shade and fish cover for your pond. Jazz up your pond shelves & marginal areas with fun to make custom created plant combos for pond margins or “shelves”. What you need are plants that like water

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Pond Plants Blooming Guide

Pond Plants Blooming Guide 0

Pond Plants 🕔August 19, 2020

Did you know that most pond plants bloom? They come in many shapes, textures and colors for any size pond or water feature. The following is a seasonal “bloom guide” to when pond and bog plants tend to begin flowering.

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How to Clean a Pond in 8 Basic Steps

How to Clean a Pond in 8 Basic Steps 0

Pond Maintenance & Care 🕔May 13, 2020

A “Complete Cleanout” is a process where you completely remove all water and living organisms (fish, plants, etc.) out of the pond; clean as needed; refill and add life back into the pond. This may be done yearly or every

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Spring Pond Start Up

Spring Pond Start Up 0

Pond Fish Care , Pond Maintenance & Care 🕔April 2, 2020

It’s that time of the year again, when our ponds wake up from the warmth of spring with active fish and budding plants. Now is a great time to examine and determine what condition your pond is in & decide

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All About Algae

All About Algae 0

Pond Maintenance & Care 🕔February 3, 2020

Keeping Algae at bay while maintaining a balanced ecosystem should be the ultimate goal for most pond owners. It is possible, but it takes time for this process to occur. First we need to understand a little bit about algae,

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Eliminating Pond Leaks

Eliminating Pond Leaks 0

Pond Maintenance & Care 🕔January 31, 2020

Pond leaks can be really annoying and troublesome to figure out. I hope this guide will help you find your leak(s) and remedy the situation efficiently. Keep in Mind that every pond will evaporate 1-3” or so per week, so

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Tacoma Home and Garden Show

Tacoma Home and Garden Show 0

Shows & Events 🕔January 17, 2020 Join us on January 23-26th 2020 at the Tacoma Flower and Garden Show located inside the Tacoma Dome. We will have another fabulous Garden Display this year so stop by and check it out!There is so much to do Read More
NW Flower & Garden Festival 2020

NW Flower & Garden Festival 2020 0

Shows & Events 🕔December 14, 2019

Join us as we celebrate “Spring Fever” at the NW Flower and Garden Festival that has over 30 display gardens (we one best in show 2019), 100 free seminars and workshops, and thousands of treasures in the garden marketplace. The

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Winter Ponds- 4 Common Questions

Winter Ponds- 4 Common Questions 0

Pond Fish Care , Pond Maintenance & Care 🕔December 14, 2019

Do I need to shut down my pond / water feature? In areas where we have mild winters- like here in the PNW- You only need to shut down small water features- bubblers, foutains, etc. that may freeze or be

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Predator Control Methods- Part 3 of 3

Predator Control Methods- Part 3 of 3 0

Pond Fish Care , Pond Maintenance & Care 🕔November 16, 2019

There are so many ideas and gadgets out there so the trick is to find out the ones that will work best given your situation. You may feel angry, annoyed or upset with your fish loss, but keep in mind

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