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Pond Maintenance & Care

Spring Pond Essentials-          5 Tips for Success

Spring Pond Essentials- 5 Tips for Success 0

Pond Maintenance & Care 🕔April 8, 2021

Our ponds awaken during Spring (late March-April-mid-May) in the PNW. Here are some tips to help you care for your pond during spring and essential items you may need to keep your pond healthy and clean. Spring Pond Essentials: Pond

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Pondering March Madness

Pondering March Madness 0

Pond Maintenance & Care 🕔March 4, 2021

Pondering March Madness – What to Do for Your Pond in March in the PNW. Spring fever may have bitten you arousing excitement for this year’s pond season, but your pond may not be as ready as you are. As

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Pond Salt, Should You Use It?

Pond Salt, Should You Use It? 0

Pond Fish Care , Pond Maintenance & Care 🕔November 23, 2020

You may have heard people say that you should add salt to your pond. It may or may not be the best choice for your situation. See what you think after you read this and weigh the pro’s and con’s

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Pond Plant Fall Care Tips

Pond Plant Fall Care Tips 0

Pond Maintenance & Care , Pond Plants 🕔November 23, 2020

It’ that time of the year, fall, when leaves are changing color, nights are getting colder and ponds begin to go dormant for winter. There are a few tasks you can do now that will help your ponds water quality

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Hardy Waterlily Care

Hardy Waterlily Care 0

Pond Maintenance & Care , Pond Plants 🕔September 10, 2020

Waterlilies are an essential feature for every water garden.  They are one of the oldest, most sacred plants used as an important native species to many people in several countries for food and medicine.  The water lily family- Nymphaeaceae- is

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Create Pond Plant Combos

Create Pond Plant Combos 0

Pond Maintenance & Care , Pond Plants 🕔August 19, 2020

Pond plants add beauty, shade and fish cover for your pond. Jazz up your pond shelves & marginal areas with fun to make custom created plant combos for pond margins or “shelves”. What you need are plants that like water

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How to Clean a Pond in 8 Basic Steps

How to Clean a Pond in 8 Basic Steps 0

Pond Maintenance & Care 🕔May 13, 2020

A “Complete Cleanout” is a process where you completely remove all water and living organisms (fish, plants, etc.) out of the pond; clean as needed; refill and add life back into the pond. This may be done yearly or every

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Spring Pond Start Up

Spring Pond Start Up 0

Pond Fish Care , Pond Maintenance & Care 🕔April 2, 2020

It’s that time of the year again, when our ponds wake up from the warmth of spring with active fish and budding plants. Now is a great time to examine and determine what condition your pond is in & decide

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All About Algae

All About Algae 0

Pond Maintenance & Care 🕔February 3, 2020

Keeping Algae at bay while maintaining a balanced ecosystem should be the ultimate goal for most pond owners. It is possible, but it takes time for this process to occur. First we need to understand a little bit about algae,

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Eliminating Pond Leaks

Eliminating Pond Leaks 0

Pond Maintenance & Care 🕔January 31, 2020

Pond leaks can be really annoying and troublesome to figure out. I hope this guide will help you find your leak(s) and remedy the situation efficiently. Keep in Mind that every pond will evaporate 1-3” or so per week, so

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